Saturday, 22 February 2014

1, 2, ... , 2, 2, and ...

Much to tell you out. And if you only know i would scream and yell to the world ' I'm tired of all this'. Pretend to be someone else. I can't convince myself. It has been a long time since i didn't come out with my new entry. And yeah, perhaps i got many things to do enough. Going to put myself in the right paths wasn't as easy as others told me to do so. She told me ' aigoo nanie, wake up wake up lahh! nak tggu sampai orang laen masuk u awak baru nak sedarrr ke?'. Itu sentap sangat. Wee~ Sometimes her words terrible me much! No no no. I just take it positive. :) . I've learn a lots. I miss her. The way she motivate me. Do care for me. Aiyee~ sadiss pulak rasa. Okay-2 tbh. Hey something i need to tell you what, my matriculation program is heading to the end! Ohjyeahh~ Just about 65 days left. I feel myself lost in the echo now! Gilaaaa! Everyday i wake up, hmm. 58 days more for PSPM11. My final exam. I must put much effort and spend much time to do revision. But see now what am i doing? Write and tell this deaf blogspot that will never answer me till ever. Die. Result sem1 Alhamdulillah aku dah buat orang2 yg aku sayang selesa dgn aku. Result ups2? Aigoo~ Setakat ni boley bertahan lagi. Tapi aku kecewa tahap gamma! Result bio aku tak macam dulu. Tak langsung! Aku banyak main kottt. Aku lupa diri. Aku sakan bila dapat lepak. Hmm. Aku sedih. Waktu tu aku ada personal problem. Arghh, fed-up! Salahnya aku dekat ma abah semua. i ruined their hopes on me just because a *@*! Isn't promise me nothing for my bright future. And who will light up my future? Aku sendiri lah! So aku azam. azam. Macam sedap je nama tu. :) . Hahaha. Even nyamuk pun jangan sibuk2 kacau aku nanti! Hoiiii cili kang!

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